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Gillette Fusion vs. Fusion ProGlide

Choosing between the Gillette Fusion and Fusion ProGlide

Gillette Fusion vs. Gillette Fusion ProGlide

The entire ‘Fusion’ line is based on 5 blades. An incremental improvement, the handles are interchangeable between them, as the real improvement is in a thinner blade and a micro-comb on the cartridge that’s meant to align the hair before cutting. In addition, the trimmer on the back side of the blade has been redesigned to better wash hair through and to align longer hairs. There’s also a change in the design of the handle, but it’s an incremental one.

Making Sense of the Names 

As with the original Fusion line, the Fusion ProGlide comes in both a ‘manual’ version and a ‘power’ version, the latter simply meaning that there’s a battery in the handle that causes the blade to vibrate (the included pictures are of the manual version of each).

The razor cartridges are the same in both versions – it’s the handle that vibrates or doesn’t. Gillette claims a vibrating razor allows you to, “reduce friction and increase razor glide, so you’ll barely feel the blade.”

This isn’t a Fusion Manual vs. Fusion Power discussion, but needless to say, since the advertised benefit of the power is that you won’t feel the blade, perhaps you should get the power version if you indeed have a problem with feeling the blade (and it bothers you).

Note that if you have extremely sensitive skin, it might not be to your benefit to use the Power since it causes the cartridge head to vibrate. The Power version is nominally more expensive than the Manual version.

Complementary Products 

Continuing with the marketing terminology Gillette uses, when they refer to the Gillette Fusion ProSeries, they’re talking about all the other complementary products you can buy along with your razor, namely face scrubs, shaving cream and after-shave products.


Over the years, Gillette has introduced new products while keeping their old ones for sale. First we had the Mach 3. Then we were introduced to the M3 Power Nitro, a vibrating razor. Then came the Fusion Manual and Fusion Power razors. This lead to the introduction in mid-2010 of the Fusion ProGlide Manual and Fusion ProGlide Power.


There are definitely mixed feelings on the ProGlide series. While many find it to be far better than the original Fusion line, many also feel it’s no better than the original Fusion line. Some even feel it makes more sense to continue using the original Fusion, citing higher cartridge replacement costs and relatively shorter blade life.

Both lines of the Gillette Fusion series can be found at Amazon.

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  1. Robert Di Veroli says:

    Do the different models take different blade systems? Will the Fusion Proglide Power Cartridge fit only the Fusion Proglide Power razor or will it fit the socalled manual model as well? Thanks

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