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Updating Samsung 204UI and 155UI Firmware

How to Update Firmware 1AQ10001 on Samsung’s 2TB HD204UI and 1.5TB HD155UI Hard Drives via USB
With the release of a firmware update on Dec. 9 meant to fix the firmware S.M.A.R.T flaw on Samsung’s HD204UI and HD155UI drives, unfortunately, the update does not change the firmware number. What this means is, a user cannot be certain the firmware has been updated unless they run the updater on the drive.
This is because the drive will refuse the run (and let you know) if the firmware has already been updated. Below are the steps to check/update the firmware using a Windows PC. You will need a USB flash memory stick.
1) Download UNetbootin, which will create a bootable usb stick for you.


2) Attach your USB stick and run UNetbootin from your Windows machine.
3) Select the ‘Distribution’ radio button and choose FreeDOS from the pulldown menu.
4) Make sure the Type: USB Drive is selected at the bottom and the drive is the correct USB drive you plugged in.
5) Click ‘OK’. UNetbootin will create the files necessary on your USB stick.
6) Download the Samsung firmware.
Save the file, called 181550HD204UI.EXE, to the stick. It should be in the same directory as the files ‘syslinux.cfg’, ‘ldlinux.sys’, and several others.
7) Take this stick and attach it to your desktop computer’s USB port.
8) If not already, attach your Samsung drive to your desktop computer. Running from a USB dock will not work.
9) Enter the BIOS of your desktop.
BIOS menus vary considerably among motherboard manufacturers, but you’re looking for the menu that talks about boot order.
You should see something that discusses what order your devices will boot in, including floppy group, cd-rom group, hard drive group, and network boot group. Make sure your hard drive group will boot before anything else that might boot up.
Then, the trick is to select the hard drive group, and there should be a sub-ordering of the devices within this group.
Here you’ll see your main desktop hard drive but your Samsung 2TB drive and your USB stick should also appear on this list. The only thing you need to make sure is that the USB stick appears at the top, before your other hard drives.
10) Restart your desktop computer. UNetbootin should load off the USB stick.
Select ‘default’ on the boot screen. You might see a message for the option to press control-i, but you should just ignore it.
11) You will be presented wtih 5 options.
Choose option 3 – FreeDOS Live CD with HIMEM + EMM386
12) You’ll see a message about there being no CD-ROM drive, or the wrong CD-ROM. Ignore it.
When you’re presented with the A:> prompt, if you type dir, you’ll see that the Samsung firmware isn’t there.
You must switch to c: by typing c:
type dir
You should see your Samsung firmware under the name 181550~1. If you don’t try switching to b: by typing b:
13) Once you’ve found it, run the firmware update program by typing:
You’ll see a bunch of information, but at the end you should see:
model name: SAMSUNG HD204UI
firmware version: 1AQ10001
now updating code…..
please wait for a while.
If you see this, it means the firmware was not updated, and it is now being updated.
On the other hand, if the firmware on the drive has already been updated, you’ll be presented with the following:
Unavailable for Non-SAMSUNG drive
You’ll actually see that message as part of the ‘bunch of information’ we mentioned above, but the key thing to determine whether it’s been updated or not is whether you see the ‘now updating code…..’ message.
Once you get your command prompt back, the firmware has been updated! 

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